Permaculture & sacred healing

With Starhawk & Alfred Decker


July 7-9 – Alvastien Telste, Fyksesund Hardanger


Climate change and environmental degradation can lead us to discouragement and despair, and we may doubt our human ability to make a positive difference. But when we experience the earth as sacred, when we recover our own deep connection to the elements, the plants and the animals as well as to human community, we can become Mother Earth’s healing hands, appreciative eyes and compassionate hearts. Drawing on the principles of permaculture—ecological design, and the wisdom of the ancient, earth-based spiritual traditions of Europe and beyond, Starhawk and Alfred Decker will lead us through ceremony and both practical and spiritual work to discover our own sources of inspiration and deep wisdom. Over three days together, we will explore how to apply permaculture principles, ethics and tools to our lives, our gardens and our work in community, while grounding ourselves in ritual, meditation, and celebration to engage the deeper parts of ourselves.

This workshop is for:

Those new to permaculture looking for an introduction rooted in spirit.
Experienced permaculturalists who want to integrate the sacred.
Those seeking a spiritual path that is non-authoritarian and rooted in experience, not dogma.
Lovers of the earth who want to integrate practical earth-healing with meditation and ceremony.
People looking to deepen community bonds.



Pris 3300,- inkludert lunsj, overnatting og eventuell middag kommer utenom.

Early bird pris før 30 juni! – 2800,-


Har du problemer med å betale? Ta kontakt så finner vi en løsning!


Betal avgiften til kontonummer 1254.05.89826

Merk med navn og sacred earth



Sovesal med eget underlag og sengetøy – 100,- per natt

5 stk madrass med sengetøy inkludert i grendahus 200,- per natt

5 stk madrass med sengetøy inkludert hos nabo 150,- per natt

Telt – eget utstyr – 40,- per natt

Overnatting betales kontant på kurset.


Meld deg på til med info om overnatting.


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